ALTe’s fully certified full-size pickups and vans that have been retrofitted with our cutting edge electric or plug-in hybrid electric powertrains help increase energy security, improve fuel economy, lower fuel costs, and reduce emissions. Plus much, much more….

Increase Energy Independence
Using electric vehicles (EVs) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) instead of conventional vehicles helps reduce U.S. reliance on imported petroleum.

American Jobs
Nationwide embrace of hybridization and electrification would provide a massive boom to job creation in America as the conversions are carried out and new supply chains emerge.

Lower Cost
Lowering costs is a big challenge for all commercial fleet managers. EVs and PHEVs cost less in total to own, operate and maintain than combustion-powered vehicles. Cumulative energy savings plus lower maintenance and service requirements can deliver tangible bottom-line financial benefits for fleet operators. Check out our savings calculator to see for yourself!

Price Stability
Fuel volatility is one of the biggest challenges facing commercial fleet managers. Electricity prices are much more stable than gasoline prices thus reducing exposure to fuel price volatility. Price stability is valuable in itself since it allows much more effective budgeting.

Better Reliability
Electric motors have very few moving parts and don’t need fluids such as engine oil, anti-freeze or transmission fluid, so they require relatively little maintenance and are far less likely to leak or have durability issues. Excellent reliability means down time is less likely.

Emissions Benefits
PHEVs and EVs have significant emissions benefits over conventional vehicles. EVs produce zero tailpipe emissions, and PHEVs produce no tailpipe emissions when in all-electric mode.

EVs and PHEVs in electric-mode run far more quietly than their combustion-powered counterparts which enhances worker health and comfort. Quieter vehicles also allow fleets to work at night which benefit nearby neighborhoods and living environments.

Flexible Fueling
PHEVs and EVs have the benefit of flexible fueling: They can charge overnight at a residence, a fleet facility, a workplace, or at public charging stations. PHEVs have added flexibility because they can also refuel with gasoline when necessary and provide extended range capability (typically 300 miles or more before you need to recharge or refuel).

Support Sustainability Objectives
Reducing fuel cost and carbon emissions not only makes good business sense, but also fulfills the expectation of corporate environmental responsibility.

Better Drivability
With 100% low end torque, ALTe’s EVs and PHEVs are more fun to drive and provide quick start capability.

No Compromise
Unlike other alternative fueled vehicles, there are no infrastructure hurdles, no cargo volume loss, and no significant ground clearance loss. And with the PHEVs, there is no range anxiety.

Extends Vehicle Life
ALTe has developed a simple way for fleets to go green without the upfront costs of an entirely new vehicle. By retrofitting existing trucks and vans with cutting-edge electric powertrains, fleets will not need to purchase new fleet bodies or other upfits.

Simple Ways to Electrify
ALTe offers two simple ways to electrify; purchase from our inventory of newly-electrified vehicles or retrofit your existing trucks and vans.


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