ALTe Powertrain Technologies

ALTe Powertrain Technologies is an electric powertrain system provider. The Company is engaged in the development of range extended Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle “PHEV” powertrains and pure battery electric vehicle “BEV” powertrains. These powertrain systems are designed to replace internal combustion engine powertrain in full-size pickups and vans.

ALTe’s business model offers two ways for fleets to go green without the upfront costs of an entirely new vehicle. First, ALTe offers fully certified used full-size pickups and vans that have been retrofitted with our cutting-edge electric or plug-in hybrid electric powertrains. Second, through strategically located conversion centers, ALTe can retrofit a fleet’s existing full-size pickups and vans as seen in this Translogic video.

ALTe’s turnkey solution simultaneously maximizes fuel economy and vehicle performance while minimizing initial costs, ongoing operating expense, emissions, changes in driver behavior and additional infrastructure requirements. Based in Auburn Hills, Michigan, the company is headquartered in a 185,000 square foot facility where it will assemble its powertrains that will be shipped to installation locations across North America.

Company Mission
ALTe’s mission is quite simply to “Advance Sustainable Transportation.” The company is dedicated to advancing sustainable mobility by offering practical, well-engineered electric and hybrid propulsion system alternatives to the vehicle transportation industry. In many ways, the Company will be a tangible catalyst in the Vehicle to Grid (V2G) electric transportation infrastructure as it will provide electric plug-in hybrid vehicles as well as fully electric vehicles at a very significant scale. Even the name ALTe is a shortened version of the combination of two words: Alternative Energy.

Management Team
ALTe’s management team shares a common belief in the electrification of the automotive industry. It is comprised of a group of talented automobile engineers with extensive experience at leading OEMs and suppliers worldwide and in Silicon Valley. ALTe’s executives are dedicated to building a large, highly profitable company which makes electric powertrains whose widespread adoption will significantly reduce oil consumption and carbon emissions globally – and create jobs in America within the EV industry.



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